Weekly Service Schedule


3pm – 5pm Worship


6pm – 9pm Adult Youth Amharic Services


6:30 – 9pm Congregational prayer service


11am – 1pm Prayer for the sick and the needy
5:30pm – 7:30pm Discipleship Teaching
6:30pm – 9pm Congregational Teaching services

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays:

Home Fellowship (Bible Study) at various locations

Service Locations

The Church shares the facilities of Canada Christian College, located at 50 Gervais Drive, Toronto, ON M3C 1Z3.

Office & Place of Worship

Canada Christian College
50 Gervais Drive, Toronto
ON, M3C 1Z3

Prayers & Meetings (24/7)

ETHIOPIA Center: Hall #300 (3rd floor)

Pastoral offices & Media center

ETHIOPIA Center: Hall #300 (3rd floor)

Sunday Service locations within Canada Christian College

Congregation Amharic Service – McVety Centre (1st floor)
English Worship & Service – Pelzer Hall (5th floor)
Jr. High Service – Ethiopia Centre (# 300)
Nursery – McVety Centre (1st floor)
Children Ministry – Rooms # 305, 306, 307, & 221
Fellowship – McVety Centre (Main floor)

Wednesday evening (midweek service)

Congregation – Ethiopia Center (3rd floor)

Friday Evening (weekend service)

Congregation Prayer (Amharic) – Pelzer Hall (5th floor)
Youth Prayer (English) – Ethiopia Center (3rd floor)
Children – Room # 221 (2nd floor)

Saturday Evening (weekend service)

Youth Service (Amharic) – Ethiopia Center (3rd floor)
Children – Room # 221 (2nd floor)
Deacons, Choir, women, & others: Room # 200C, 200F . . .


All night Prayer & Other services