The congregation of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church is mainly made up of warm and loving, born-again Christians of Ethiopian & Eritrean origin. Our mission is to carry out the great commission of Jesus Christ as recorded in Matt. 28, to reach out the Ethiopian community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their language, to provide development programs geared toward the wellbeing of the community.

The Church’s spiritual need is carried out jointly by the pastors and the board of Elders – as overseers. While the Worship service of the main congregation is done in the Amharic language, full-fledged English service is held side by side. We have services, prayer meetings and home fellowships throughout the week. Please refer our services page for more details.


Our vision is to pursue a living relationship with God through our faith in Christ; to know Christ and make Him known and nurture believers by the Word of God through various church services.

Besides reaching out souls and impacting the Ethiopian Community in Toronto, the EECT is supporting a large mission work known as Mission Geregema in southern Ethiopia since 1994. By the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the continual mission support of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Toronto, thousands have come to Christ and over thirty three local churches established in many localities of the region. Side by side with the preaching of the gospel, various measures of community development works are also applied to improve the life of the community. We envision bringing the gospel to the people and equipping them to serve the Lord.


We are a community called to reach-out and demonstrate the love and grace of Jesus through our lives and words – both here in our community and around the world. We are a community called to reach up as believers, loving and worshiping God at our most highest. The foundations of this church are Biblical teaching of the Word, Spirit-led worship, authentic relationships, unceasing prayer, and compassionate provision for the needy

Christianity is not a set of religious rules but a living relationship with the Triune God in Jesus Christ. Our focus as a church is to respond to His calling on our lives. Having been saved and connected to Him through saving-faith of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we now serve our Savior with gladness. The Gospel motivates us to worship Jesus, to obey and follow Him every day. It also drives us to share God’s love with our families, friends, community, and the world at large.


In the wake of Ethiopian military coup of 1974, thousands were killed for their views and most of the time without any substantial reason under Stalinist motto – the “Red Terror.” The Church was persecuted heavily – particularly evangelical believers. Closing churches, imprisoning and torturing Christian leaders and the youth was daily ordeal believers faced. As a result hundreds of thousands were forced to flee to neighboring countries – the Sudan, Kenya, and Djibouti – and from there to Europe, the United States, and Canada

Following such a massive migration, some Ethiopians came to Canada as early as 1985. Ethiopians who were settled in Toronto area established churches in different municipalities. Later, Elders of 3 of those churches came together and prayed to God for his guidance to bring these churches together. Thus, the three churches: Bethlehem, Full Gospel, & Ethiopian Evangelical churches that were serving the community in Toronto were united in 1999

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

— John 1:1